Why Choose The CEO Roundtable?

No Nonsense
Wisdom Exchange

Efficient Time Equals Money

Time equals money: We know how important your time is, we also know that you do not like to waste money. Our no-nonsense structure and philosophy makes us the most efficient with both your time and money.

Selective Top-Shelf Membership

One bad apple spoils the bunch – so we know that it pays to be selective. You can join with the confidence that every member is top shelf. Our core values are character, growth and commitment and you will be surrounded by peers who share those values. If you are confident enough to be humble, let’s talk.

ProvenTested and Proven Model

 Hey, we’re really good at this: Now in our 22nd year, we’re Minnesota’s solution for growth oriented leaders. From our company structure to processes used in our meetings, we employ time tested and proven practices that just plain work.

Membership Benefits Include

Facilitated Groups

Our groups are facilitated, which means you will be guided by an experienced Table Captain. Many of the current Table Captains are previous members who are able to share their business knowledge and insights.

Each one of our groups takes on a life of its own, with a unique culture that suits its members best. Table Captains are trained in our protocol for efficient, effective use of everyone’s time, which means our sights are set on your profitability, not ours.


We’re a 501(c)6 organization

As a 501 (c)6 organization, all proceeds from our CEO Roundtable members and Strategic Partners go toward delivering member value. Our daily credo? WIIFM = “What’s In It For Members”.

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Reasonable Annual Dues

Our model delivers an incredible value. Compared to other peer exchange groups, our annual dues are a fraction of the cost of many other organizations which range from $12,000 - $18,000 / year and up.

If you’re selected as a member, you’ll enjoy an annual cost of under $6,000 / year. We said value – and we mean it!

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Ready to Get Started?

Contact us today to begin the member selection process. Our team will meet with you personally and if it’s decided that you’d be an excellent fit to join our success-proven CEO peer sharing groups, we’ll match you with the right group of leaders to help you thrive in your industry today, tomorrow, and in the future.

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