That’s a Good Question…

We’re glad you asked!

Since our founding, over 22 years ago, we haven’t heard it all – but we’ve heard a lot. Listed below are some of the questions we continue to hear from prospective members, whether they are familiar with peer sharing and are looking for the right fit or are new to the concept of peer sharing entirely.

Prospective members usually come to us through our network. After an introductory phone call, interview, application and Board approval, the candidate will then be introduced to their intended group.

Let’s Talk

As you are exploring peer sharing and considering which group is just right for you – we’re happy to talk at your convenience. Please feel free to drop us a line by clicking the contact us link below. It would be our pleasure to talk with you about your various options of peer sharing throughout Minnesota with a sincere interest in helping you find just the right fit - whether it’s the CEO Roundtable or another alternative.

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