Our Program

Over three years ago, Tina & Marissa came together to execute a joint vision to create a program that would measurably and permanently transform and elevate women business owners.

We had a feeling that stirred in our hearts and spirits that if 18 women would take a leap of faith with us, we would change their lives forever.

The entrepreneurial journey – and especially the women’s entrepreneurial journey – is filled with challenges that one can not possibly fathom before they embark down the path.

Frankly, for many of us, if we knew how hard it would be – how much it would test us – we may not even move forward. And so it is good we do not know!


  1. Do I want to be a part of a vetted community of women business owners that are equally committed to personal and professional growth and will hold me accountable to my goals through weekly accountability groups?
  2. Do I want to learn best practices from leading experts in critical business-building functions such as sales, marketing, human resources, legal, insurance, accounting, IT, and board-building that will enable me to build a strong culture and a scalable, profitable infrastructure?
  3. Do I want to receive immediate actionable guidance from the Founders and fellow members on my most pressing business challenges through a professionally facilitated roundtable?
  4. Am I ready to crystallize and actualize my vision to build a profitable, successful company and step into my greatest leadership potential?


This unique program, the first of its kind designed specifically for high-growth female business owners that are committed to scaling to their next levels of personal and organizational growth, will address 5 pillars:


Eliminate the self-limiting beliefs that are blocking your progress and potential.


Formulate a strong strategy, build a solid infrastructure, and implement repeatable processes to create a scalable organization.


Obtain access to the best educational resources and experts to build your dream business.


Form key relationships with those you need to move to the next level.


Participate in a structured accountability system that will ensure continuous movement towards clearly defined, measurable goals.

We launched our program because we want to help women:
  • Step into their greatest personal and organizational potential
  • Actualize their vision, and the impact they can make on their communities and the world
  • Serve as role models, mentors, and inspirers for their generations that follow us – both men and women – so that they know that women are capable of achieving everything they imagine
  • Generate not just income but WEALTH so that they can support themselves and build the lifestyle they want
  • Live their greatest life, so that when they reflect back, they can say that they went for it all, and held nothing back

We can not achieve this alone. We need to surround ourselves with others that have, and can share with us, the skill sets, mindsets, knowledge, experiences, and resources we need to move us to the next level.

We need the support groups that will move us forward emotionally and psychologically when we get blocked or tired.

We need peers that see our greatness within us and push us to attain it.

Tina and Marissa are so proud to report that they made their dream a reality – that accomplished all of this and more – with the successful launch of the Women’s CEO Roundtable, LLC.

50 years experience