Women’s CEO Roundtable

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The Women’s CEO Roundtable, LLC is a group of high-growth female business owners from noncompeting organizations that are committed to developing their leadership skills and moving their organizations to the next levels of growth. In this confidential & educational forum, members will leverage their collective expertise to closely analyze their leadership strengths & weaknesses, develop the strongest organizational teams, resolve issues that impede their business growth, and empower each other to build scalable and sustainable companies that withstand all market conditions.


Share Knowledge. Accelerate Business Growth. Succeed Together.

Our community is comprised of high-growth female business owners who are interested in expanding their companies by leveraging collective wisdom to navigate difficult business challenges, accelerate business development and attain sustainable business success. It is not designed for lifestyle business owners that are not committed to a $1 million revenue goal.


The Women’s CEO Roundtable, LLC was established to provide a non-competitive and confidential forum to share challenges, experiences, insights, and ideas under the direction and guidance of a professional facilitator who has already built a multi-million dollar business. Together we support your drive to succeed, value your professional accomplishments and will help keep you accountable to your core objectives. We are a peer-to-peer advisory and education group crafted by high-growth female business owners for high-growth female business owners that strive to grow their business revenue.

Ideal Candidate

This program is for women business owners with a minimum gross revenue of $250,000 that are committed to learning and implementing the tools and strategies to help grow their business to a higher level.

We have set a minimum revenue threshold of $250,000 because experience has taught us that businesses at this level and above gain the maximum value from speaker content, and are better able to implement what they learn.

*However, we will evaluate all applicants on a case-by-case basis to assess their readiness for the program, based on existing infrastructure, ownership experience, and forecasted growth.

Founders & Lead Facilitators

Resource Partners

Why Us?

We have walked the walk, and we have a personal passion to help other women do the same. We know how difficult it is to build a business. We have personally overcome every business challenge that our members have faced. We have made the financial, personal, and professional sacrifice to build and live our dreams. Between the 2 of us, we have a combined 50 years of business experience.

A professionally-trained facilitator and CEO roundtable moderator with more than 25 years of entrepreneurial experience will lead this program. The program blends proven CEO roundtable best practices with contributions from experts in all aspects of business growth, including sales, marketing, operations, finance, IT, human resources, legal guidance, advisory boards, and partnership formation.


  • “It really helped me step into my leadership not only for me but for my whole team.”

  • “I’m ready to grow into who I am meant to be.”

  • “I’ve learned the important tools for working on my business NOT in my business.”

  • “I was feeling un-anchored but now I feel like I have a good plan for staffing.”

  • “This group has meant everything to me!”